AirMech Prime and Starter Pack Changes


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AirMech Prime and Starter Pack Changes

Minor update as this is not content related. We've wanted to adjust the Starter Pack and Prime for a while now and have finished up the changes need to move ahead. Changes are the direct result of feedback from new players who are sometimes confused by what the packs offer.

Prime has been changed to no longer include all the units. Instead, we award 100,000 Kudos for the player to spend as they wish on any selection of Units, Parts, or anything else they want. Level restrictions remain in place, so buying Prime will no longer instantly give you access to everything--you do have to level up a bit to unlock the more complex units.

The Starter Pack has a reduced amount of Boost time, and (like Prime) now gives you Boost time directly--no more Boost/Gold VIP Cubes. While flexible for those that understand them, they were a primary support concern of players wondering "where their boost went". This simplifies things, and to compensate for the loss of the Cubes we now give the Starter Pack 25,000 Kudos.

We think both packs will be better for new players, while also not making them better than the previous packs. If anyone recently purchased Prime or Starter and feels the new packs offer some benefit they don't have, simply contact and we'll take care of it.

General Updates:

  • Starter Pack changes
  • AirMech Prime changes
  • Add promo for Maelstrom Tournament
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