The Maelstrom Approaches!


The Maelstrom Approaches! The Maelstrom Approaches!

One week until the Maelstrom 2v2 Tournament! Presented by The Exiled Court and Grizzly Wing, this tournament has been months in the planning and is a Carbon Approved tournament--meaning big Diamond Pack prizes and the official Tournament Cup is the grand prize! Plus the coveted Competitor's Badge for those who participate.

No huge changes ahead of the tournament, just balance and bugfixes to keep things fair. After the tournament is over we will be releasing new units to really shake things up!

General Updates:

  • updated market gamemails to use localized resources
  • Survival map renamed to Crossroads
  • updates to AI logic for infantry pickup and outpost capture
  • latency tolerance increased to 200ms for matchmaking games, 250ms for custom, and 350ms for high latency custom option

Bug Fixes:

  • fix for energy recharge lines going back to Bomber when recharging from its melee hit abilities
  • fix for a crash when deleting outpost/fort pads and resuming
  • fixed hose on Flamer not being attached to the body
  • fix for unit placement when dragging in a new unit in the Editor
  • fixed scaling of Recharge Rate for HP recharge
  • fixed a bug which blocked the quest complete pop-up from appearing in the tutorial and challenges
  • fixed a group pathing issue near Southwest outpost on Duel
  • fix for LAG icon being displayed on pinned Custom Games
  • fix for infantry getting stuck when too many units were attempting to path from an isolated location
  • fixed a bug which clears non-neutral units when loading a map in the Editor

Balance Changes:

  • air damage reduced on Flak Ammo series
  • Tesla Tower range decreased from 18 to 13
  • Tesla Tower arc range reduced from 10 to 8
  • Tesla Tower no longer inflicts stasis on arc targets
  • increased damage of Tesla Tower arcs
  • Armadillo armor increased from 55 to 65
  • Armadillo weapon decreased from 70 to 60
  • Morty build cost increased from 750 to 950
  • updated targeting logic of melee units
  • stat updates to damage modifying parts
  • T99 upkeep increased from 2 to 3
  • T99 range decreased from 20 to 19
  • Lexi and Brenna attack power decreased from +15% to +12%
  • Lexi and Brenna damage resistance increased from -15% to -12%
  • Mako flight energy efficiency decreased from +33% to +25%
  • Mako damage resistance decreased from +15% to +12%
  • Mako air speed increased from -10% to -8%
  • Tango build cost increased from 1400 to 1700
  • Bucky accuracy increased
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