Freedom Bundle has landed!


Freedom Bundle has landed! Freedom Bundle has landed!

Note: Freedom Bundle will be enabled soon, be patient!

The 4th of July is a big deal for us at Carbon. Four years ago, we got together and founded Carbon Games, so we could make the games we want the way we want. The result of that is AirMech, and we made it free to play so that everyone could see what we made and help us test and improve it.

To celebrate, we have something fantastic for you this holiday. We call it the Freedom Bundle, a special limited time bundle that contains 10,000 Diamonds--and you can pay anything you want for it! Well, at least $1, but that's the only restriction. Wait, there's more! Pay more than the average price, and get two amazing rewards: Ultimate Helix and the new Eagle Head! There is a leaderboard for top contributors, and note that you can only purchase the bundle one time.

And of course, our Fourth of July event is live, make sure to pick up anything you've been missing from the Liberty collection (details below). It's worth noting that the Eagle Head looks absolutely majestic when paired with the Liberty Paladin. Grabbing the Freedom Bundle would give you enough Diamonds to unlock all those things and much more!

General Updates:

  • Freedom Bundle available for a short time, see banner in Global Chat
  • Ultimate Helix available as Freedom Bundle "beat the average" reward
  • Eagle Head available as Freedom Bundle "beat the average" reward
  • Liberty Paladin available for a limited time
  • Bald Eagle available for a limited time
  • Liberty Bomb available for a limited time
  • Liberty Booster available for a limited time
  • Uncle Sam's Tophat available for a limited time
  • updates to Donut pet art
  • localization added for system messages and other menus

Bug Fixes:

  • fixed Steampunk Angel head animation
  • fixed a crash when selecting New Map in the Editor
  • fix for units being dropped when using the Patrol order
  • fix unlocking parts in the end game suggestions

Freedom Bundle Mini-FAQ

  • whatever you spend on the Freedom Bundle will contribute to your total spent. Silver VIP is automatically awarded when approximately $10 USD is spent over the lifetime of an account.
  • double check the current average price before purchase to make sure it doesn't go up by a few pennies right before you complete your purchase
  • if you have any problems, please email and we'll help you out. We've never done this before, so there might be some unexpected issues. Let us know right away if you find anything strange!
  • tell your friends! We may do this next year, or we may not! It's an experiment for sure to see if people will spend even $1 when we give them and overwhelmingly amazing deal--Diamonds, an Ultimate, and a brand new Cosmetic, something for everyone.
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