Freedom Event: The Aftermath


Freedom Event: The Aftermath Freedom Event: The Aftermath

Thank you everyone for taking part in the Freedom event. We had hundreds of people buy the bundle and I think everyone enjoyed the chance to help Carbon celebrate!

In particular, we wanted to say an extra special thanks to everyone who not only paid above the average price, but quite a bit more--you can see the leaderboard moved to a permanent position in the Leaderboards menu under Bundles.

We also feel it's only right to give an extra, extra special thanks to Triphammer, repoorTetatS, jadestardust, and AjaxPrime for being more generous than we could imagine. Your support is very much appreciated. The AirMech community thanks you.

Some fun stuff in this patch for fans of heads and hats, as we now have a dedicated slot for your headgear. So you can take a hat/head plus have 3 pets if you want.

General Updates:

  • updates to the Help tab of the Field Guide
  • added Ultimates Allowed option for Custom lobbies
  • Heads/Hats have their own flair customization slot
  • updated Inventory icon for the Freedom Bundle
  • added Nanoforge Tools Set and added more content to existing Sets
  • allow players to login with their username in addition to their email address
  • starting pilot choices replaced with Erik, Kira, and Samson
  • add player level to friend message window

Bug Fixes:

  • fixed a bug where some Ultimates were missing the restriction text in their descriptions
  • fixed Rocketeer upkeep while in air mode
  • fixed force volumes affecting the camera in the Editor

Balance Changes:

  • Armadillo build cost increased from 4000 to 4400
  • Flight Energy Efficiency no longer applies to carry fuel cost
  • doubled the lifetime of salvage
  • Trainer level AI should be a bit less aggressive now
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