Rocketeer Balance and Diamond Prices


Rocketeer Balance and Diamond Prices Rocketeer Balance and Diamond Prices

Small update that brings some balance data for the Rocketeer new Infantry unit and makes it safe to turn on for everyone. We do know there's some bugs with it's behavior, but as a brand new type of behavior we expect that. When in the air it's upkeep increases by one, which is why you see it listed as zero on the stats, but this is not correct.

The Freedom Bundle promotion is going very well, and we've had a number of requests to sell Units for Diamonds once again, since we have the situation where players have a ton of Diamonds, but not many Kudos, and they'd really like to be able to use them. It makes sense, so we'll enable both Kudos and Diamond prices for Units and Parts and see how that goes.

Remember, when you open the Freedom Bundle (banner in Global Chat) and click the price button, it will auto-fill the current average price. If you want the bonus items, you cannot lower this number! If you don't want them, and just the 10,000 Diamonds, change it to whatever you want.

We discovered a bug in average price calculations for UK/EU players. If you thought you paid the average, but didn't get your bonus items, please email us with your account name and we'll look into it. Send it to just as you would for any other account or billing issues.

Balance Changes:

  • Rocketeer DPS 70
  • Rocketeer Piercing 10
  • Rocketeer HP 325
  • Rocketeer Armor 10
  • Rocketeer Weight 500
  • Rocketeer Speed 3.5
  • Rocketeer Build Cost 800
  • Rocketeer Build Time 2.8
  • Reduce Bomber Bomb damage (blast and direct) by 25%
  • Reduce T99 - Missile Lifespan from 1.9 to 1.5 seconds
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