Gothic Week


Goth Week

Gothic Week is finally upon us, and we're celebrating with the new Ultimate Darkness Bundle. This is a limited time "Name Your Price" bundle. Pay what you want (minimum $1 USD) and get 10,000 kudos and 4500 diamonds. Beat the current average and you'll also get the exclusive Crow Pet, a Gothic Crate, and a Key. Just like the Freedom Bundle, it will only be available for a limited time, and can only be purchased once. Don't forget to check the leaderboard to find the top contributors!

The Quests UI is being reworked and can now be found from a new button on the Home page. Be sure to keep an eye on the Daily section to find new dynamic quests that can only be claimed for a limited time. Grab a partner and claim them before they expire! Speaking of things that expire, we've also added in the ability to put certain items in the Shop on sale for a specific time period. You'll notice a timer on the item when one of these sales are enabled.

General Updates:

  • update gothic set to require 15 items (not all)
  • Gothic Crate contents updated with all Gothic skins
  • more work on custom map scripting
  • updates to the Quests UI

Bug Fixes:

  • quick patch to #216.1 to address crash bugs in #216
  • fix for black screen when loading a custom map from a Solo lobby
  • fixed a crash when loading a Survival map from the editor
  • fixed a bug that caused the Prefab list to display incorrectly
  • fixed page scrolling for actions, conditions, events and commands
  • fixed the lobby appearing blank when chat was hidden

Balance Changes:

  • allow SAM, Soldier, Runner, and Probe to accept orders
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