MadOrc Premium Bundle! Limited time and quantity!


MadOrc Promo A little while back MadOrc reached out to us and said HEY let's do something with AirMech because we love your game! Turns out they actually do play AirMech and it was a serious suggestion, so we chatted for a bit to try and figure out something that everyone would be happy with.

The end result is the MadOrc Premium Bundle. As with most (all?) MadOrc deals, it is limited time/quantity. They don't list the number of keys available so I'm not sure I should say, but it's "twice the number of Black Jetpack Cats" for a reference point. The reason you'll care about the number you can read below. Here's what you get:

  • AirMech Prime (no, you don't get it again if you have it, and you don't get a Cube, sorry)
  • 10,000 Diamonds (in addition to any you get from Prime, if you don't have it yet)
  • MadOrc Head (exclusive)
  • Overwolf Head (exclusive)

This bundle has a special price of $7.99

Estimating $5 each for the heads, that should normally be $50. Go and check the Market for other time/quantity limited cosmetics and see what they go for. Oh, more than $5 each? Well that makes it an even better deal then, doesn't it?

This offer is a MadOrc exclusive. Carbon isn't selling it (we don't have a way to actually). When you buy it, you will get a Carbon Key (not a Steam key) that you can enter on the Basecamp page. I put the Codes button big just for this promo in fact.

This is intended to be used once per account. If you use it on an account that already has Prime, you won't get get Prime again, this is important! You can also only get the 10,000 Diamonds once. However, you CAN get the heads more than once. But still, you're probably better off giving the code to a friend and have them mail you the heads, that way they can get Prime and the Diamonds. Really, do whatever you want, just make sure you understand that it's not a good idea to use the code multiple times on the same account!

MadOrc Heads

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