Map Editor is almost Beta!


Map Editor! Steam and PC builds fixed!

Minor update to fix the issues with Steam and PC builds getting on the wrong version. Everyone should be on the same patch now and you can see the notes for that just below. Sorry for the trouble!

Map Editor is almost Beta!

A new skin is available in the Shop: BlackOps Neo! We're getting closer to completing the BlackOps set, only a couple left. There might even be a sneak peek at the next BlackOps in the Collections page of your Inventory.

The Map Editor continues to be improved with this update. You'll immediately notice the UI changes, but there are lots more features and fixes to be found. Canyon tiles can now be raised or lowered by clicking and dragging while Elevation mode is active (support for more tilesets coming soon). The Paint Mat button will allow you to easily draw roads and paths onto the terrain. You'll also find more scripting options as requested by map makers. If you have ideas for new maps that the editor doesn't support yet, don't hesitate to let us know on the forums.

General Updates:

  • changed Referral Link button to a chat link
  • updated UI in the Map Editor
  • tons of Map Editor improvements
  • allow custom maps to be loaded from Solo lobbies
  • new Quest redeem dialog
  • change the order of Challenges

Bug Fixes:

  • fixed an issue with selecting 1v3 in Solo Skirmish
  • fixed the Soldier stuck in cargo in the Tutorial
  • fix for Rocketeer teleporting while trying to land
  • removed fog when viewing from a distance in the Map Editor
  • fixed a bug with graphics settings not updating on the first attempt after a fresh launch
  • fixed Hangar art disappearing after inspecting a locked skin
  • fixed a desync for custom game modes
  • fixed "PvP Victory" text being cut off in endgame screen
  • fixed the size of the invite button
  • allow custom map names with spaces
  • fixed second set of class icons in AirMech selection window in custom lobby
  • fix for old friend invites where the user has had a name reset
  • fixed Beppo Probe, Alien Probe, and Skeleton Runner not receiving orders

Balance Changes:

  • Boxer build cost decreased from 3800 to 2700
  • Boxer build time decreased from 7.2 to 5.5
  • Boxer hit points decreased from 1600 to 1000
  • Boxer carry weight increased from 1400 to 1600
  • Boxer weapon decreased from 45 to 30
  • Bertha build cost increase from 13600 to 14500
  • Bertha attack range decreased from 20-36 to 18-32
  • Bertha upkeep increased from 4 to 5
  • Bertha in-game unlock level increased from 6 to 7
  • allow Boomer to receive orders
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