Pirate Week and Bonus Diamonds!


Pirate Week and Bonus Diamonds!

Small Bugfix Update!

We wanted to get a few fixes out there instead of waiting for the next full patch. And don't forget to "search" your Shipwreck after collecting a crate!

Things of note:

  • fix Super Striker and Super Helix stats to be like other skins
  • Necro can no longer resurrect neutral units (similar to Saucer abduct rules)
  • heads/hats should show up in the featured section of the Shop properly now
  • Should now be able to change maps after returning to lobby (and set other custom game options)
  • Purifier cosmetic added to DVIP reward

Pirate Week and Bonus Diamonds!

Avast! It's a Pirate life for me! ...and you! For one week only we have a mess of Pirate themed goodies. Pet Parrots and Pirate Hats and...Pirate Treasure! The Pirate Crate is a prize indeed and far from a common crate. Inside lies very valuable loot! Diamonds, or lots of Diamonds? Or even the legendary Gold Parrot if you are that lucky!

There's a very special Blueprint in the Shop related to Pirate Week. It's the Shipwreck, which will allow you to uncover this magnificent lost galleon--right in your own camp! On its own it would make a wonderful centerpiece to brag about, but during our Pirate Week it has a special function. Once per day, you can search it and there's an excellent chance you will find a Pirate Crate! To maximize this benefit, make sure to collect it every day for the next week, as when the event ends it will stop producing Pirate Crates...until next year.

These Pirate Crates are not like normal crates, as pirates are not very trusting types. They require a special Key to unlock...the Skeleton Key. You can craft one using a Skull and a Key in the Nanoforge, or you can buy one directly from the Shop. If you take a peek at the loot inside the Pirate Crate I think you'll see why it requires such a special key.

It's also been a while since we've done Bonus Diamonds, and since Pirates do love treasure this is an excellent time to do one! All Diamond Pack purchases will get an extra 25% Diamonds instantly! And yes, you get more Diamonds as a referral bonus too, we wouldn't forget about that.

Discuss this update in the forums: http://airme.ch/update219

New Content:

  • Pirate Crate
  • Skeleton Key - can be crafted from a Skull and Key or bought
  • Pirate Hat - the classic captain's hat
  • Tricorne Hat - classic and respectable
  • Parrot - obtained from travels to exotic lands!
  • Green Parrot - a pirate's best friend
  • Gold Parrot - Pirate Crate only
  • Shipwreck - special blueprint for uncovering this in your Basecamp!
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