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Honor Head! Megaton Update

This update is something big, really big. It didn't actually start out that way, but we have had a lot of different systems we've been working on for a long time and they just happened to all come together around the same time. There's a lot to cover, so let's get to it.

Upload Custom Maps

You are now able to Publish maps from the editor and they will be added to a public map list. Anyone can play these maps currently, as we're still trying to decide if any restrictions should be put on them for new/free players. For now, have fun and enjoy, and leave feedback on what you think.

Publishing has been working for the past few days actually, and if you have the test build of the game you've been able to see player made maps inside the game. We've had a ton of fun playing these maps! I'm super excited to see how this evolves, as already in a very short time it has added something new and fresh to the game.

Currently you need Prime to Publish maps. We're going to let anyone with Silver VIP use the editor while we are in this testing phase, then decide what to do later. Also anyone can play Custom Maps for now, we may or may not want to restrict this to VIPs. Honestly we don't know, we're just going to see who plays what and listen to feedback, so let us know what you think about all this and how to charge for it.

There's also a ton of improvements made to the Map Editor itself, too much to get into here. Come find all the info on the forums!

Ultimates Rebalancing

When we originally created Ultimates, we just made them insanely powerful. And that's fun to a certain degree, but with more and more Ultimates it ends up removing any challenge at all. We've decided to do a major rebalance and bring Ultimates down to 10 to 20% better than their normal versions. They are absolutely the most powerful versions of units/items, but not in a crazy way.

We're also going to soon be removing Ultimate AirMechs. We'll be replacing them with Ultimate Parts, so you can make any AirMech Variant Ultimate. They will get the Ultimate aura if you have any of these special parts equipped. For the current Ultimate AirMechs, we'll be converting them to "Super" Variants and simply be cool skins, and you'll get a batch of Ultimate Parts for free.

And with a rebalance of Ultimates, it lets us put...

Ultimates in Unranked Games

We've decided to remove the dedicated Ultimate queue and instead just allow Ultimates in Unranked games. Since they don't affect your record anyway, there's no harm if you come up against an opponent using Ultimates. In fact, we wanted to take this even further, and provide special rewards for both winning against those using Ultimates, and even if you lose you should be rewarded for fighting against a stronger enemy with our new...

Honor System

Shortly after we patch, we will be rolling out the new Honor System. This is our way of taking a look at the balance of a particular matchup, and deciding if extra recognition is needed. We take the total number of Ultimate Points your opponents are using, and use that plus some other data to determine how many Honor Points you will be awarded. We think this will be between 1 and 3 per game.

We will also be awarding a small amount of Honor for winning Ranked games. You won't get any Honor for losing a Ranked PvP match, as it should be evenly matched. We've actually gone a step further and while we are testing changes to the balance of Ultimates and Parts, we're making Parts do nothing in Ranked PvP matches. (Ultimates are of course banned from Ranked games as always)

100 Honor Points will unlock the first Honor Badge, and that badge allows you to buy sweet exclusive rewards like the Bronze Helmet. We'll have exclusive Basecamp structures, cosmetics, and other perks. Honor things will be player bound and not able to be sold or traded of course.

Speaking of PvP, we've also made quite a few changes to the menus there...

PvP Menu Rework

The PvP menus have been reworked to accommodate some changes to Ranked and Unranked play. PvP will have 3 game types: Ranked, Unranked, and Custom. Currently we have removed 3v3 lobbies so we can focus on 2v2 which we feel is the most balanced way to play the game.

If you want to play 3v3, you can still create a Custom game at the bottom of the PvP menu. In fact, you should really check out the new Custom games where you can…

Play Custom Maps!

You can now play maps Published by other players! We can't say for sure that what you will find in the player made maps will be balanced, or finished--or even work right--but we've already had a ton of fun playing maps that you all have uploaded.

We expect there will be some bugs, but this is our "alpha" release of the ability to play maps made by other players without having to jump through hoops of copying files around by hand. Want to see more maps made by a player? Right click their name in the list of maps, it should show you all the maps they have Published.

General Updates:

  • updates to the PvP Play menus
  • new Samson icon
  • Weapon stat renamed to Armor Piercing
  • added a "No Parts" custom game option
  • making infantry set to the capture order when dropped with cargo operation
  • added options to the Edit and View drop-down boxes
  • added map preview screenshot to custom map files
  • added pause/resume shortcuts for Sandbox mode
  • allow placing terrain by holding left click and dragging, right click to clear tilse

Bug Fixes:

  • fix for loading custom maps in Solo lobbies
  • fix for Neo Missile Jammer affecting non-guided missiles
  • fix for Deathray sound effects on some Saucer skins
  • fixed group select not working when fuel is empty
  • fix for missile streamers not appearing in the Shop
  • fix for launching the Map Editor from the basecamp
  • fix for AI being disabled on custom maps
  • fix for player profile card remaining open when declining a friend request
  • fix for Grinder appearing invisible (or extremely thin) when revived by Necro
  • fixed Warthog head antenna not scaling for hats/heads
  • fixes for overlapping elements in the endgame screen
  • block invalid characters from being used in map names
  • fixing a loading issue for trigger events with spaces on actions
  • fixed the desync when attempting to play custom maps in multiplayer

Balance Changes:

  • SAM move speed increased from 2.5 to 3.5
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