Ultimate Parts, Level Based Parts, Balance Changes


Ultimate Parts, Level Based Parts, Balance Changes Ultimate Parts, Level Based Parts, Balance Changes

Starting this patch you'll notice some big changes--your AirMechs can now continue to level up to a cap of 20. And the Part Points have actually been removed--we've made a major balance pass on Parts, and decided to make them level based instead. This greatly simplifies selecting Parts--just pick the most powerful ones that you are high enough level to equip.

There has also been a huge balance rework of the Parts to take this new system into account. Many Parts simply have one or two positive stats, and no negatives. No more stressing out of over what Parts to equip and the overall effect on your mech. This goes along with us removing Parts from Ranked PvP (at least for now) while we experiment with progression and balance.

Ultimate Parts...you've been asking for more Ultimate AirMechs, and this is our answer to that. Now you can pick any skin you want and make it Ultimate! Unless you are using an Aura, your mech will get the Ultimate glow if any Ultimate Parts are equipped. This also means that the Ultimate Striker and Ultimate Helix have been converted into Super Striker and Super Helix. For each one of those you own, you will find you have the new skin plus 5 Ultimate Parts in it's place. (and yes, you'll soon be able to sell them) After the transition we'll make them available to all players in the game Shop.

Two really nice gameplay additions this patch are the drop direction indicator and respawn timer. When carrying a unit, you'll now see a circle with a point on it which faces your mouse cursor direction. When you drop a unit, it will face in this direction--no more needing to shoot in empty space just to aim units! Your tanks will thank you when placing them on the front lines. The respawn timer for each player is shown over their AirMech type in the hud. A small but welcome change to many!

More Ultimates have been balanced since last patch, and this continues to be ongoing work. We've also made all AirMechs get stronger as they level up. Just a bit per level, but max level AirMechs should feel more powerful and be more of a deciding factor toward the end of the game--at least that's the plan, let us know how it works out.

Discuss this update in the forums: http://airme.ch/update219

General Updates:

  • added Top Maps curated list to Custom Game map browser
  • doubled the maximum Inbox size
  • increased max AirMech level (in Hangar) from 10 to 20
  • removed "Bot is Ready" tab when in Coop/PvP lobbies
  • adding rendering for the forcebox outlines in the Editor
  • added a feature for always dropping units aimed toward the mouse cursor
  • show time until respawn for all players in a game

Bug Fixes:

  • fixed PIN option for Custom games
  • fix for "failed to load remote map" in custom games
  • fixed some props not being editable on official maps
  • Xbox controller buttons will no longer be referenced in lobbies when a controller is not in use
  • potential fix for "failed to download patch" errors
  • fixed Pirate Warthog minigun offset when firing
  • fixed a bug which prevented script commands from spawning neutral units

Balance Changes:

  • many balance changes to Ultimates
  • rebalance parts for PvE/Coop
  • add level requirements to all parts
  • AirMech stat increases on level up increased (generally from 3 to 5%)
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