World Space Week!


World Space Week! World Space Week!

World Space Week is here! All the planets--even Pluto--are available as pets! Plus tons of other content for a very limited time, as Halloween is fast approaching.

(more info on Space Week soon)

General Updates:

  • disabled transforming in Challenges 1 and 2
  • improvements for AI AirMechs

Bug Fixes:

  • fixed Custom Map not being selected when loading from Top Maps tab
  • fixed some cases where variable names were not saved properly in commands and conditions
  • fixing an issue with not being able to edit settings in the Airmech Info property
  • fixing a bug with Void mechs changing colors when near enemies with Void mechs
  • fix for referee diamond award on first purchase
  • fix for Abduct animation getting stuck on units
  • fixed labels not showing on Sample Map tab of the Editor
  • fix for drop-down selection boxes extending off screen
  • fix for AI difficulty not updating properly between matches
  • fixed an issue which prevented issuing Capture or Attack orders twice in a row when a new unit became included in the selection

Balance Changes:

  • Bucky armor piercing decreased from 60 to 40
  • Grinder upkeep increased from 3 to 4
  • Grinder build time increased from 16 to 17
  • Grinder build cost increased from 12000 to 13500
  • Grinder hit points increased from 2500 to 2750
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