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New Networking Model and Menu Tutorials


We've been doing a lot of work on the network code and are ready to try out a new model. Give it a try in multiplayer and be sure to let us know if it plays any smoother for you. Feedback is always appreciated.


Happy Halloween!


We made it just in time for Halloween, and made a special Name Your Price bundle to help you celebrate with some new flair! The Halloween Bundle includes 4500 diamonds and 10,000 kudos for whatever price you want. If you beat the current average price, you'll also receive a Ghost Gigi and Halloween Crate (Key included).


World Space Week!


World Space Week is here! All the planets--even Pluto--are available as pets! Plus tons of other content for a very limited time, as Halloween is fast approaching.


Pirate Week and Bonus Diamonds!


Avast! It's a Pirate life for me! ...and you! For one week only we have a mess of Pirate themed goodies. Pet Parrots and Pirate Hats and...Pirate Treasure! The Pirate Crate is a prize indeed and far from a common crate. Inside lies very valuable loot! Diamonds, or lots of Diamonds? Or even the legendary Gold Parrot if you are that lucky!


Ultimate Parts, Level Based Parts, Balance Changes


Starting this patch you'll notice some big changes--your AirMechs can now continue to level up to a cap of 20. And the Part Points have actually been removed--we've made a major balance pass on Parts, and decided to make them level based instead. This greatly simplifies selecting Parts--just pick the most powerful ones that you are high enough level to equip.


Play Custom Maps!


This update is something big, really big. It didn't actually start out that way, but we have had a lot of different systems we've been working on for a long time and they just happened to all come together around the same time. There's a lot to cover, so let's get to it.


Map Editor is almost Beta!


A new skin is available in the Shop: BlackOps Neo! We're getting closer to completing the BlackOps set, only a couple left. There might even be a sneak peek at the next BlackOps in the Collections page of your Inventory.


Gothic Week


Gothic Week is finally upon us, and we're celebrating with the new Ultimate Darkness Bundle. This is a limited time 'Name Your Price' bundle. Pay what you want (minimum $1 USD) and get 10,000 kudos and 4500 diamonds. Beat the current average and you'll also get the exclusive Crow Pet, a Gothic Crate, and a Key. Just like the Freedom Bundle, it will only be available for a limited time, and can only be purchased once.


MadOrc Premium Bundle! Limited time and quantity!


A little while back MadOrc reached out to us and said HEY let's do something with AirMech because we love your game! Turns out they actually do play AirMech and it was a serious suggestion, so we chatted for a bit to try and figure out something that everyone would be happy with.


Shop, Market, Bugs and Balance


We are giving the Shop and Market a big overhaul to make it easier to browse and find what you want. We've gone back to a more traditional menu that you can expand and sort. There's a few things left to finish (some new filters needed) but in general it's going in the right direction.


Freedom Event: The Aftermath


Thank you everyone for taking part in the Freedom event. We had hundreds of people buy the bundle and I think everyone enjoyed the chance to help Carbon celebrate! In particular, we wanted to say an extra special thanks to everyone who not only paid above the average price, but quite a bit more--you can see the leaderboard moved to a permanent position in the Leaderboards menu under Bundles.


Rocketeer Balance and Diamond Prices


Small update that brings some balance data for the Rocketeer new Infantry unit and makes it safe to turn on for everyone. We do know there's some bugs with it's behavior, but as a brand new type of behavior we expect that. When in the air it's upkeep increases by one, which is why you see it listed as zero on the stats, but this is not correct.


Freedom Bundle has landed!


The 4th of July is a big deal for us at Carbon. Four years ago, we got together and founded Carbon Games, so we could make the games we want the way we want. The result of that is AirMech, and we made it free to play so that everyone could see what we made and help us test and improve it.


Inventory overhaul and Generator rework


We have some nice improvements to the Inventory UI that should make it a lot easier to sort and find things. A more traditional drop-down list for categories has been added, and rarity filters can be applied at any time along with a new Duplicates selector that only affects the current set you are looking at. Great for figuring out what you can sell or scrap!


The Maelstrom Approaches!


One week until the Maelstrom 2v2 Tournament! Presented by The Exiled Court and Grizzly Wing, this tournament has been months in the planning and is a Carbon Approved tournament--meaning big Diamond Pack prizes and the official Tournament Cup is the grand prize! Plus the coveted Competitor's Badge for those who participate.


AirMech Prime and Starter Pack Changes


Minor update as this is not content related. We've wanted to adjust the Starter Pack and Prime for a while now and have finished up the changes need to move ahead. Changes are the direct result of feedback from new players who are sometimes confused by what the packs offer.


Shocking Discovery: Tesla Tower!


We have an exciting new unit for this patch: the Tesla Tower! A great defensive structure it does electrical arc damage as well as applying a stasis effect to all the units it hits. Lots of fun to watch it in action--share your best screenshots in the forums!


Happy Easter! Have some eggfixes--I mean bugfixes.


Minor patch for you this time with a number of fixes to the way things work in the Basecamp. We'll be releasing some more things you can build and figuring out a nice balance of how much benefit you can get vs time. We want players who enjoy it to have fun, but those who want to skip it can feel it's optional.


AirMech is now FarmMech!


Carbon Games is thrilled to announce an exciting new change for AirMech: growing crops! Do you live on a farm? Do you like to farm games for Kudos? Well now when are on your farm, farming AirMech games, you can also farm in your Basecamp!


Referral Reward Program Update


We've been making small improvements to the referral rewards for a while now, but haven't properly explained it to everyone. So we added a new promo to call attention to this, and also put your current status on it. Click the 'promos' button in the upper left to see it!


Big Green Update of Merrymaking


St. Patrick's day approaches! We get so many requests for Rainbow Contrails to be back in the shop that we added another one--Multi-color Contrails! Take your pick, plus all the other time limited goodies.


Live Long and Prosper


Our pricing experiment continues! As you may have noticed, we're running a test where all the Kudos prices for things have been dramatically reduced. Do new players enjoy it more when they can more easily unlock units, mechs, and parts? We'll find out I guess! Note that during this test we have disable rebuying and selling these things on the Market. But feel free to take advantage of it and complete your collections--and let your friends know this is a great time to get their collections started.


Alpha Striker Split and Balance Updates


Alpha Striker stock split! Do you own an Alpha Striker? If so, now you have two! Do you have a friend with an Alpha Striker? Maybe you can convince them to give you one. Read more about the stock split, balance changes, scrap mechanics improvement, and more...


Work in Progress--Map Editor and UI Updates


Another big feature we've wanted is the Map Editor, and we debated internally if we should even show people at this point. But since Prime users get the Map Editor no matter what when it's finished, we might as well let you see it as we're working on it--but yes we know there's a ton of bugs and incomplete things. Expect to see progress on this every patch...


On the eve of the Xbox 360 launch of AirMech


A few hours from now the Xbox 360 version of AirMech will go live. We don't know exactly when, just a window of time, so I should probably get some sleep. Tomorrow should be interesting. Time to dump out some thoughts before everything catches fire...


AirMech Arena coming to Xbox 360 from Ubisoft and Carbon!


On Monday Ubisoft let the world know the exciting news about AirMech coming to Xbox 360 as AirMech Arena. Let's take this step by step and explain why this is amazing news for the future of AirMech on all platforms!


New Website, Gothic Angel, New Environments...and Flappy Bird?


AirMech finally has a new website! This is one of those projects we've been working on in the background for a while now, and it's at the point where we want to set it live and start sharing it with the world.


First Patch of the New Year


I don't think we've gone this long without a patch ever! As those of you who were with us over the holiday, you probably noticed that much of our time was spent on server work. We're happy to say we think the worst is behind us...


Why Servers Crashing is a Good Thing


If you've been playing (or trying to play) AirMech the past week and weekend you probably noticed we've had a lot of server downtime and restarts. As a gamer, when that happens to me with a game I want to play nothing makes me more upset.


AirMech Beta Extended


If you've been keeping up with all the patch notes ingame, you are aware of how busy we are adding new stuff, fixing things, and balancing the game. Not everyone is up to date however, so we wanted to go over the next phase of AirMech here.


Permission to Broadcast AirMech


We have been asked quite a few times if people have permission to broadcast AirMech on various sites, and monetize those videos by enabling ads.

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