Rocketeer Balance and Diamond Prices


Small update that brings some balance data for the Rocketeer new Infantry unit and makes it safe to turn on for everyone. We do know there's some bugs with it's behavior, but as a brand new type of behavior we expect that. When in the air it's upkeep increases by one, which is why you see it listed as zero on the stats, but this is not correct.


Freedom Bundle has landed!


The 4th of July is a big deal for us at Carbon. Four years ago, we got together and founded Carbon Games, so we could make the games we want the way we want. The result of that is AirMech, and we made it free to play so that everyone could see what we made and help us test and improve it.


The Maelstrom Approaches!


One week until the Maelstrom 2v2 Tournament! Presented by The Exiled Court and Grizzly Wing, this tournament has been months in the planning and is a Carbon Approved tournament--meaning big Diamond Pack prizes and the official Tournament Cup is the grand prize! Plus the coveted Competitor's Badge for those who participate.


AirMech Prime and Starter Pack Changes


Minor update as this is not content related. We've wanted to adjust the Starter Pack and Prime for a while now and have finished up the changes need to move ahead. Changes are the direct result of feedback from new players who are sometimes confused by what the packs offer.


Shocking Discovery: Tesla Tower!


We have an exciting new unit for this patch: the Tesla Tower! A great defensive structure it does electrical arc damage as well as applying a stasis effect to all the units it hits. Lots of fun to watch it in action--share your best screenshots in the forums!


AirMech Screenshot AirMech Screenshot AirMech Screenshot AirMech Screenshot AirMech Screenshot AirMech Screenshot

The Music

You will enjoy listening to AirMech as much as
playing it, I promise, because it's awesome!

The soundtrack of AirMech is created by Front Line Assembly,
one of the best electronic and industrial music bands.

"...Even for non-gamers, AirMech is definite
keeper for FLA fans and anyone who
grooves on dark, violent and cinematic-
scale industrial & EBM...