Gothic Week


Gothic Week is finally upon us, and we're celebrating with the new Ultimate Darkness Bundle. This is a limited time 'Name Your Price' bundle. Pay what you want (minimum $1 USD) and get 10,000 kudos and 4500 diamonds. Beat the current average and you'll also get the exclusive Crow Pet, a Gothic Crate, and a Key. Just like the Freedom Bundle, it will only be available for a limited time, and can only be purchased once.


MadOrc Premium Bundle! Limited time and quantity!


A little while back MadOrc reached out to us and said HEY let's do something with AirMech because we love your game! Turns out they actually do play AirMech and it was a serious suggestion, so we chatted for a bit to try and figure out something that everyone would be happy with.


Shop, Market, Bugs and Balance


We are giving the Shop and Market a big overhaul to make it easier to browse and find what you want. We've gone back to a more traditional menu that you can expand and sort. There's a few things left to finish (some new filters needed) but in general it's going in the right direction.


Freedom Event: The Aftermath


Thank you everyone for taking part in the Freedom event. We had hundreds of people buy the bundle and I think everyone enjoyed the chance to help Carbon celebrate! In particular, we wanted to say an extra special thanks to everyone who not only paid above the average price, but quite a bit more--you can see the leaderboard moved to a permanent position in the Leaderboards menu under Bundles.


Rocketeer Balance and Diamond Prices


Small update that brings some balance data for the Rocketeer new Infantry unit and makes it safe to turn on for everyone. We do know there's some bugs with it's behavior, but as a brand new type of behavior we expect that. When in the air it's upkeep increases by one, which is why you see it listed as zero on the stats, but this is not correct.


AirMech Screenshot AirMech Screenshot AirMech Screenshot AirMech Screenshot AirMech Screenshot AirMech Screenshot

The Music

You will enjoy listening to AirMech as much as
playing it, I promise, because it's awesome!

The soundtrack of AirMech is created by Front Line Assembly,
one of the best electronic and industrial music bands.

"...Even for non-gamers, AirMech is definite
keeper for FLA fans and anyone who
grooves on dark, violent and cinematic-
scale industrial & EBM...