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Where do I buy the Alpha Bundle?

Unfortunately, the Alpha Bundle is no longer up for sale. Sorry.

Will there be a "wipe" or "reset" after beta?

No. Everything you earn or purchase in AirMech is yours to keep.

Yes we know that you can earn Kudos easier because of bugs or weak AI, but we are fine with letting players keep what they earn since they are helping us test the game. We have permanent logs of everything that is earned/purchased in the game and we will make sure nothing is lost or reset.

I stopped earning Kudos/XP, what happened?

Currently we only allow players to earn rewards for the first 90 minutes of offline play each day, resetting every 22 hours.

Online games do not have this restriction, and you will always earn rewards for playing online games during alpha. This helps us test our servers, so we are happy to give you Kudos in exchange for helping us test.

User settings

How do I unsubscribe from the Mailing List?

If you would no longer like to receive email updates for AirMech, you can unsubscribe from here.

Game Pad

AirMech supports Xinput compatible game controllers only. If you don't have Xinput compatible game controller you can download XBOX 360 Controller emulator.


To test your network setup, make sure you have ports 26988, 26989 and 26990 open.

If these ports are open you'll see "Yep, port is open." message for each of following links:


Steam - Troubleshooting

Finding your SteamId

In the main Steam window select the Community tab then the Profile section. When your Steam profile page appears right-click anywhere on the page and select Copy Page URL. The result should be a link to your Steam page similar to this: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197978888456. When providing support for Steam accounts, we will need this data to lookup your information on our servers.

Windows - Troubleshooting

Updating on Windows

If you have trouble updating AirMech on Windows, please delete %APPDATA%\Carbon folder and download AirMech again. See the email we sent to you when your PC account was enabled for more info.

Finding DxDiag Information

To find your computer's DxDiag information, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Start Button on the Task Bar.
  2. In the Search Field, type dxdiag (For Windows XP users: Click on Run, then type dxdiag into the Open field).
  3. In the DirectX Diagnostic Tool window, click on the button labeled Save all information.
  4. Save the DxDiag.txt file to your desktop.

MSI Afterburner

There is bug in MSI Afterburner (RTSSHooks.dll) that causes "Integer division by zero" crash. The only solution for this problem is to disable this tool while playing AirMech.

Chrome - Troubleshooting

Updating on Chrome

First remove AirMech from Chrome by right clicking at AirMech icon and choosing Remove from Chrome. Then go to AirMech in ChromeWeb Store and choose Install.

You can find more update methods here.


Ctrl+W will close Chrome browser tab.


Browsers selectively enable or disable support for WebGL. If AirMech is not working for you, please check chrome://gpu/, and if your GPU is blacklisted here.

Also you can test your browser WebGL by testing this WebGL shader.


Sometimes AntiVirus software blocks access to WebSockets. To test WebSocket functionality, go to WebSocket echo server. If your WebSockets are not blocked you'll get green This browser supports WebSocket. If this works see Networking FAQ section.

AirMech in other browsers

AirMech for Chrome is using Native Client technology which is not currently supported by other browsers (Firefox, IE, Opera, etc.). If you would like to play AirMech please download Chrome from: https://www.google.com/chrome.