Available Positions

Interested in working for Carbon Games?

Love AirMech so much that playing it isn't enough–you want to work on it? You've seen us in chat, stalked us on Twitter and Facebook, and thought to yourself "if only I was a Carbon Dev, that would be the coolest thing ever" but you didn't know how to apply? Well, you found this page, so you passed the first part of the test! By now you have probably realized that you cannot apply by posting your references in Global Chat or the Forums. Please click one of the Apply links below which follows the job you are interested in.

As Carbon Games is a small (but loveable!) indie developer, there are a few things that all of our jobs have as common requirements (unless noted). Candidates must be ok with working onsite in downtown Bellevue, WA. Currently we don't offer any remote employment opportunities for full positions, but we do work with some contractors for things like art remotely. We also cannot immigrate people to the US at our current size.

Regarding unpaid interns, since we get a lot of requests for people wanting to help/learn, our official policy is that we are not offering unpaid internships. Because we are so small, we cannot take the time to train people at this size. Every person must be a positive addition to the team, even if it is small. Any intern position we offer could also be seen as a junior position.

I don't see my job listed!

That's probably our fault we didn't list it! You play AirMech, so you know what would make the game better, and we love to hear from people who want to tell us how their skillset will make the game even better. You've probably read all of our blog posts and know all the things on our list, so if you think you have the missing piece that can help us work faster or make stuff cooler, drop us an email telling us what that is and we'll discuss it!